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Dan Kanfoush Sets Another Record - April 5, 2009
Driving Jim Sechler’s Y1 Fast Eddie boat he pushed the record to 81.881 MPH for the 1 mile course.
2008 NFBRA Awards Banquet - February, 2009

Peter Hackett Named Rookie of the Year 2008 Region 2
- November 3, 2008

Dan Kanfoush Smashes Kilo Record - October 12, 2008
Congratulations to the Sechler's and Dan Kanfoush with the Y1 Fast Eddie boat on getting the last record they did not have in the 1.0 liter class. The new record is 111.634 MPH, up from the old record of 107.  Dan describes his thrilling adventure:

"The Kilo is THE hardest thing that I have ever done in a boat and the scariest.  The boat did not touch the water on the first pass.  Imagine entering the trap the fastest your boat has ever gone at the end of the backstretch at Yelm or Rockyfork, and then hold the throttle wide open for another 20 seconds....Yes 20 seconds as the boat continues to pick up speed. Then if that isn't enough, they want you to turn around and do it again!  On the second pass,  it slowly oscillated and touched the left sponson a few times.  I took some wing OUT of it at mid course to make it stop that.....Eeeakk!"

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